Weightloss Diaries 5

What a week! This morning I weighed 84.2kg and on Wednesday September 6 I weighed 84kg. 
I’ll blame it on Egusi soup and Samvita. The week had a few rough patches. The major lowlight was that I cracked my phone. Being that its expensive to fix, I’m trying to decide between fixing it and getting a new phone. I haven’t been able to do my youtube video updates because the video quality of the phone I’m currently using is wack! Will get back to that when I sort my phone issue out.

Back to my weightloss journey, on one of the days when I was trying to be overzealous, I ate so little for lunch and hoping it would be my last meal for the day.  I didn’t realise I was setting myself up for failure. At about 7pm I got so hungry and couldn’t resist eating Egusi and Samvita. I know I could have gone for something lighter but the fact that I hadn’t eaten any of the soup after I made it, combined with my hunger, I went for it. That singular act at that time of the day threw me back almost a whole kg. I spent the next few days afterwards trying to drop weight I had already lost. On another day, I experimented eating samvita (its not part of my planned diet so it will be a while before I indulge again) at about 3pm and nothing else afterwards. The next day, I lost weight.

So, lesson learned is that:

  1. The time of day you eat is directly proportional to your weight loss or weight gain.
  2. Eat a good breakfast and a good lunch and you are more likely to easily skip dinner.

I also downloaded an app that I just started using. I think its amazing given how much I sweat for a 10-15mins workout. Its called Loose weight in 30days and you can download it on Google Play. It also has a diet plan. I have my own diet plan so I am not following theirs. I know this week will be a really good week. Excited Much.


I take out of life what I can, while I can for life is too short to be little....

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