Weightloss Diaries 4

I was stepping out of the car this evening and my phone dropped off my legs and fell on the concrete floor. I am very upset. My screen is affected and its flashing seriously. There are lines across it. We’ve called to find out how much the screen replacement is and its not cheap. I decided to quickly write my post incase it gets blank before i’m actually ready. I’ve even prayed to God to fix it for me. I don’t want to have to deal with this right now.

Anyway, onto my journey. Today i weigh 84kg. On Sunday 3rd i weighed 84.3kg. Today was a close relatives birthday and we went to have lunch. I may have overeaten. Although i had salad, it had alot of cheese on it. I also had butterfly prawns and i know it has breadcrumbs frosting. As a result, i can’t afford to not go walking this evening. I would really like to stay home because right after now i have to cook and i’m still upset about my phone. But i guess its at times like this that you have to find that inner strength and do what feels uncomfortable.

I can’t believe i’ve even written this much with this light flashing in my eyes. I literally had to put on my sunglasses.

Anyway, let me run to the kitchen. I’ll update you on my phone and weight again on Sunday 10th. Take care.


I take out of life what I can, while I can for life is too short to be little....

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