Weightloss Diaries 3

This week was a good week. I definitely did not do my best and yet i lost 2.3kg. What if i put in my best? We’ll see.

This week i had mainly beans, coleslaw, vegetable leaves (ugu), chicken, fish, sausage, pear (ube) and alot of eggs. I however found myself eating up until 7:30/8pm. I recently found out that calories consumed close to bedtime no matter how healthy, cause weight gain.

I try to eat the right amount. I make sure i’m not feeling hungry at any point in time. However, at night even though i’m not hungry, i find myself looking forward to the next morning so i can have my breakfast (smiles).

This week i’ll try and have my last meal for the day before 6pm. Lets see how it contributes to my weightloss.

Thanks for reading. If you have any comments or tips, please do drop them. Please watch my video update on youtube. Use the link below. Have a great week ahead.


I take out of life what I can, while I can for life is too short to be little....

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