Weightloss Diaries 1

A lot of times in life, desperate situations call for desperate measures. I am 86.6kg light but my goal weight is 74kg. The target may look as a piece of cake but i haven’t been able to keep it together long enough to reach the goal.

Since having my third son my weight has been fluctuating in the eighties range. When I was three months pregnant with my third son, i weighed seventy five kilos, so why on earth should I settle at being a size fourteen?

I’ve been reluctant to change my wardrobe of size 10/12 to suit my current weight and so I find myself wearing over and over again a handleful of size 14/16 clothes. It never used to be this difficult for me to lose weight but lately my motivation hasn’t been strong enough or should I say I haven’t been disciplined enough. Well, all that has to change!

So I ask myself, what habits am I willing to acquire, to enable me lose weight and get fit?

1. No meals after 6pm

2. Eat mainly fruits, vegetables, proteins and nuts (No rice, yam, sweets and flour)until i hit 74kg

3. Exercise 5 times a week

4. Do the water therapy – A bottle of water first thing in the morning and 8 glasses through out the day.

It’s easy to put all these down but I know for sure, self discipline is what it takes to accomplish the goal. Thats the reason I’m documenting this. I want to be accountable to you my readers. I will document my victories and challenges. I’ll be sharing my progress at least twice a week here.

I have an interesting direction for this blog but i want to first take charge of my weight and fitness and I’ll be glad to have you join me. Please do well to like, share and follow my blog. Welcome to my journey!



I take out of life what I can, while I can for life is too short to be little....

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