Hobbies that touch – Crocheting !

I cant remember the first time I held some wool and a crochet in my hands ….perhaps elementary or early high school……what I do know is that a couple of weeks ago I purchased a Fifty naira (N50)crochet and some yarn at Prince Ebeano Supermarket Oniru Lagos…and just like riding a bike I realized you never really forget how to crochet !!!.

The only difference is that I now know what the different stitches are called thanks to my new book I got from the  Palm’s mall-“The Hub books store”!!

Truth is I wanted to channel my creativity into something new. I wanted to make crochet earrings yep.

I recall around 2012, my sister Iyeba,pregnant with her first child attended crocheting classes and I would drop her off at her crochet class and also pick her up…I remember waiting for her to complete a class…I think her goal was to make crochet earrings too.

I never embarked on my earring project but instead …I found myself attempting to  make a beanie cap…or a crochet necklace and now I’m making what seems to be a baby cocoon lol !! It appears I have developed some sort of  Crochet A-D-D !!

My friend just gifted me two crochet books from Canada …so I now have a library of about three crochet books …it would have been four except that I tried to purchase the Crocheted Granny Squares book on Konga but that didn’t work out long story !!

Anyhoo, Im finding out from one of the books that nylon bags or polythene bags or plastic bags or grocery store bags or whatever you call them can also be cut into strips to make PLARN (Plastic bag yarn) which could then be crocheted with a big size 10 crochet pin crocheted into mats,bags etc…but you need a lot of the bags though…….at this point I’m like …are u ever gonna make some crochet earrings ever ?? Oh well !!

So this has become my accountability post …Ill have some nice round crochet earrings by next week …then try to finish that baby cocoon and anything else ….lol!!




I woke up New Years day 2015 and realized Im the finest female in the land ...you see my creator simply said "be the best YOU and Ill take care of the rest"!!! Join me on my journey of self discovery - My Mantra is simply "AUTHENTICITY"

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